SBBC 50th Anniversary


Our 50th Church Anniversary

of the  

Silent Bible Baptist Church

2209 E. Pawnee in Wichita, Kansas 67211

On Sunday, May 19th, 2019


Coming to Preach the Word of God to us…

Dr. Reggie Rempel of Harvest Baptist Church of the Deaf


Pastor & Kim pic

Testimony of
Dr. Reggie Rempel

I was born deaf and grew up in Canada where I attended a Deaf School.  I was saved at the age of 16 while attending the Bill Rice Ranch.  I graduated from Tennessee Temple University in 1978 and 1980 with a degree in Theology and a Bachelor of Science. I became a Missionary to the Deaf under BIMI in 1982. For the next 12 years I traveled as a Deaf Evangelist throughout the US and Canada.  My wife Kim and I started many deaf ministries in local churches.


After more than 10 years of starting ministries, we started BIMI Deaf Camp in order to create fellowship among the ministries we had begun.

Deaf people began to surrender their lives to go into the ministry themselves, through the ministries we had started and through the camping program.  I would recommend schools to these deaf; however, many of these schools closed their deaf programs due to the financial burden of a specialty program.

I often asked myself who would one day be my “Timothy” when I am gone.  How could I find training or train young men to serve the Lord as my wife and I had done for so many years?  How could I give them the opportunity which I consider the greatest privilege, that of sharing the wonderful gospel of Christ with the deaf?

After several years of praying and seeking God’s guidance, my wife and I felt led to begin the BIMI Deaf Bible College (now Harvest Deaf Bible College).  God allowed us to sell our home, and since I had built it, we were able to profit a sizeable sum to use in purchasing the property for the school.  BIMI Deaf Bible College began in 1994 with 12 students.  Since that time we have averaged between 20 and 40 students a year in all programs and have graduated over 50.  Many of our graduates have begun deaf churches or are serving in missions across the globe.

God then allowed us to begin Faith Christian School for the Deaf (now Harvest Christian Academy for the Deaf) on the premises of the college.  This allows deaf children to get an education focused around the Word of God.  They can also look to good role models in our deaf college students.

In 2001 we established Harvest Baptist Church of the Deaf, also on the premises of the college.  I felt burdened to better train our men in the area of church planting by having a deaf church for them to work with while in school.  God has blessed in an enormous way and the church has been the biggest blessing yet!

Harvest Deaf Ministries (Harvest Deaf Bible College, Harvest Christian Academy for the Deaf, and Harvest Baptist Church of the Deaf) is a multi-faceted ministry geared towards the training of the deaf to reach the deaf for Christ.  Reaching the deaf for Him is the ultimate goal of this ministry.

I appreciate the honor of sharing Harvest Deaf Ministries with you.

In Christ,  Dr. Reggie Rempel

Visit Harvest Deaf Ministries website at

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Itinerary of the Day

10:00 am –  Charge to the church

                     Dr. Rempel to share his Ministry

11:00 am –  ASL Sign in Songs

                     Dr. Rempel to preach

12:30 pm –  Dinner (hot dogs/hamburgers & side dishes) on the grounds                       and in fellowship hall.

2:00 pm   –  SBBC reflects on the past 50 years and our look forward to                           the future as we minister to the deaf.

Our thanks and praise to Friendship Baptist Church

We wish to thank and praise God for Friendship Baptist church leaders and members who have continued in making possible a place for the Silent Bible Baptist Church to continue their worship to God and service for the King Jesus Christ since May of 2005. They have been nothing short of a tremendous blessing, help, and support to SBBC over the years. We can only hope to continue in our service to God in their building until we are able to build our own church building for the deaf in the future for the Wichita Metro deaf. Please pray with us for the deaf to be able to know (have a intimate, personal relationship with) the same Jesus that we know and serve.