Articles of Faith



II Timothy 3:16-17


In the following “Articles of Faith” you will find the “topic” of our belief and the “scripture” references from the KJV of the Holy Bible that back up what we believe.

A) What does a “Bible Baptist” believe

A Bible Baptist is one who believes in a supernatural (beyond human ability) Bible, which tells of a supernatural Christ, Who had a supernatural birth, Who spoke supernatural words, Who performed supernatural miracles, Who lived a supernatural life, Who died a supernatural death, Who rose in supernatural splendor (Glory), Who intercedes (Steps in our place, or acts in the behalf of others) as a supernatural priest and will one day return in supernatural glory to establish a supernatural kingdom on the earth.

I. Of the Scriptures

We believe that The Holy Bible was written by men supernaturally inspired; That it has truth without any admixture (mixing of other books, or theories or philosophies) of error for its matter; and therefore is, and shall remain to the end of the age, the only complete and final revelation of the will of God to man; the true center of Christian union and the supreme standard by which all human conduct (behavior, way we act), creeds and opinions should be tried.

A) “The Holy Bible”

By “The Holy Bible” we mean that collection of sixty- six books, from Genesis to Revelation, which as originally written does not only contain and convey (carry) the Word of God, but IS the very word of God.

B) “Inspiration”

By “inspiration” we mean that the books of the Bible were written by holy men of old, as they were moved by the Holy Spirit, in such a definite way that their writings were supernaturally and verbally (voice) inspired and free from error (mistakes), as no other writings have ever been or ever will be inspired.

  • II Timothy 3:16,17… “All scripture is given by inspiration of God”
  • II Peter 1:19-21… “No scripture is of any private interpretation”
  • Acts 1:16… “The scripture must be fulfilled”
  • Acts 28:25… “The Holy Ghost spoke to the fathers”
  • Psalms 119:160…Thy word is true from the Beginning”
  • Luke 24:25-27… “Jesus expounds (explains) unto them in all scriptures concerning himself.”
  • John 17:17… “Sanctify (set apart as holy) the scriptures”
  • Luke 24:44, 45… “These are the words (In the Bible) that Christ spoke while with the disciples”
  • Psalms 119:89… “Forever thy word is settled in heaven”
  • Proverbs 30:5,6…His word is pure, add not to them.”
  • Romans 3:3,4… “Whether we believe or not…let God be true”
  • I Peter 1:23… “Being born again, not of corruptible (being ruined or destroyed) but of incorruptible (it cannot be destroyed) by the word of God”
  • Revelation 22:19… “Do not add to or take away from “The Word”
  • John 12:48… “We will be judged according to this Bible”
  • Isaiah 8:20… “There is no light in them that do not believe the Bible”
  • Ephesians 6:17…The Sword of the Spirit-The Word of God”
  • Romans 15: 4… “The Bible was written for our learning”
  • Luke 16:31… “Do you believe”
  • Psalms 19:7-11… “There is great reward in keeping (obeying) God’s Word”
  • John 5:45-47… “Christ came to be an advocate (one who supports) for us, not accuse us”
  • John 5:39… “Search the Scriptures”


II. Of the True God

We believe that there is one, and only one, living and true God, an infinite (never ending), intelligent Spirit, the maker and supreme ruler of heaven and earth; inexpressibly (we cannot explain) glorious in holiness and worthy of all possible honor, confidence (trust) and love; that in the unity of the Godhead there are three persons, the Father, the Son, The Holy Ghost, equal in every divine perfection, and executing distinct but harmonious offices (doing special works separately but blending well together their being) in the great work of redemption.

  • Exodus 20:2, 3… “I am the Lord Thy God, Have no other gods”
  • Genesis 17:1… “He is the Almighty God”
  • I Corinthians 8:6 … “One God and One Lord, in whom all things exist”
  • Ephesians 4:6… “One God, above all”
  • John 4:24… “God is a Spirit, we must worship Him in Spirit”
  • Psalms 147:5… “Great Power, with infinite (endless)understanding”
  • Psalms 83:18… “JEHOVAH, the Most high God”
  • Psalms 90:2… “From everlasting to everlasting, thou art God”
  • Jeremiah 10:10… “He is the True God, everlasting King, and the world will not be able to live with His anger”
  • Exodus 15:11… “Who is like God?” (No one)
  • Revelation 4:11… “Thou art worthy to receive glory, honor, and power”
  • I Timothy 1:17… “He is immortal (indestructible, cannot be destroyed))
  • Romans 11:33… “The depth of His wisdom and knowledge”
  • Mark 12:30… “Jesus gives the first commandment…Love God”
  • Matthew 28:19… “Go ye therefore and teach all nations…”
  • John 15:26… “The Comforter…the Holy Spirit that convicts us…”
  • I Corinthians 2:10,11… “The Holy Spirit is given to us after salvation so that we may know the things of God!”
  • Philippians 2:5,6… “While He walked on the earth he walked in the form of God but did not think He was equal with God.”
  • Ephesians 2:18… “Through Jesus both us and the Spirit have access to God the Father”
  • II Corinthians 13:14… “the Lord’s Grace, God’s Love, and the communion (sharing with) of the Holy Spirit.”


III. Of the Holy Spirit

We believe that the Holy Spirit is a Divine person; equal with God the Father and God the Son and the same nature; that He was active in creation; that in His relation to the unbelieving world He restrains (controls) the evil one until God’s purpose is fulfilled; that He convicts of sin, of judgment and of righteousness; that he bears witness to the Truth of the Gospel in preaching and testimony; that He is the agent in the new birth; that He seals, endues (provides for us), guides, teaches, witnesses, sanctifies and helps the believer.

  • Genesis 1:1,2… “The Spirit of God was active in Creation”
  • Matthew 3:11… “The Holy Spirit was active in the ministry of John the Baptist and Christ”
  • Matthew 28:19… “He should be active in our baptism also”
  • John 14:16,17… “He is the agent (Acts for another) in the new birth”
  • Mark 1:8… “Jesus baptized with the Holy Spirit”
  • Luke 1:35… “He was present at the conception of Christ”
  • Luke 3:16… “We baptize with water as did John the Baptist”
  • Luke 24:49… “He is the Promise of God, and the power of God”
  • John 1:33…The Holy Spirit remained on Christ”
  • John 3:1-6… “He is a teacher who came from God”
  • John 14:26 “He is a teacher and a reminder (Convicting power)
  • John 15 26-27… “The Holy Spirit testifies of Christ”
  • John 16:7-15… “He will guide us in all truth, and show us the future”
  • Acts 5:30-32… “The Holy Ghost is a witness of what the apostles saw”
  • Acts 11:16… “Peter shows us proof of the Holy Spirit bringing us to the remembrance of the things of Christ.
  • Romans 8:6-17… “If we are saved, we will be led by the Spirit”
  • Romans 8:26,27… “He is our intercessor (between God and our heart)
  • Ephesians 1:13,14… “The Holy Spirit seals us” (Guarantees our salvation)
  • II Thessalonians 2:13… “We are sanctified (Made Holy) through the Spirit”
  • Hebrews 9:14… “The Spirit helps us to want to serve God”


IV. Of the Devil or Satan

We believe that Satan was once holy, and enjoyed heavenly honors; but through pride and ambition (Strong desire) to be as the Almighty, fell and drew after him a host of angels; that he is now the malignant (evil influence) prince of the power of the air, and the unholy god of this world. We hold him to be man’s great tempter, the enemy of God and His Christ, the accuser of the saints, the author of all false religions, the chief power back of the present apostasy (Abandoning of one’s previous beliefs); the lord of the anti-Christ, and the author of all the powers of darkness- destined (intended for) however to final defeat at the hands of God’s own Son, and to judgment of an eternal justice in hell, a place prepared for him and his angels.

  • Isaiah 14:12-15… Once he was holy, but pride stepped in his way.” (He had “I” problems, blinded to God’s ways”)
  • Ezekiel 28:14-19… “He was an anointed cherub, perfect in thy ways”
  • Revelation 12:9… “Satan and his angels cast out of heaven”
  • Jude 6… “The angels (Satan included) left their habitation”
  • II Peter 2:1, 4… “Warning of those who follow Satan (Swift destruction)”
  • Ephesians 2:2… “Prince of the power of the air”
  • John 14:30… “Prince of this world is nothing of Christ”
  • I Thessalonians 3:5… ‘The tempter”
  • Matthew 4:1-3… “The tempter to Jesus”
  • I Peter 5:8… “A Christian’s adversary (enemy, opponent)”
  • I John 3:8… “He that committeth sin is of the devil”
  • Matthew 13:39… “The enemy that sowed tares among the wheat”
  • Luke 22:3,4… “A betrayer”
  • Revelation 12:10 … “The accuser of the brethren”
  • Mark 13:21-23… “Christ has warned us of false prophets”
  • I John 4:3,4… “The spirit of the antichrist” Greater is “He (Christ)”
  • II John 1:7… “A deceiver and antichrist”
  • I John 2:22… “he is a liar and denier of Christ”
  • Revelation 12:7-9… “SATAN WILL  BE  DEFEATED” AMEN!
  • Revelation 20:1-3… “Satan bound for 1000 years”
  • Revelation 20:10… “Satan cast into hell”
  • Mathew 25:41… “Hell is prepared for the devil and his angels (not for us)”

V. Of Creation

We believe in the Genesis account of creation, and that it is to be accepted literally (Following the exact words of the original), and not allegorically (stories as fables, non-truths) or figuratively (using figures of speech); that man was created directly in God’s own image and after His own likeness; that man’s creation was not a matter of evolution (The theory that animals and plants of various kinds have developed from previously existing kinds.) or evolutionary change of species (such as ape to man), or development through interminable (Without limit) periods of time from lower to higher forms (In other words the theory that all things were made by something else that took years and not six days as the Bible tells us); that all animal and vegetable life was made directly, and God’s established law was that they should bring forth only “after their kind.”

  • Genesis 1:1… “God created the heavens and the earth”
  • Exodus 20:11… “He made everything that is in them… in six days”
  • Acts 4:24… “In the new testament it is written… “God made…”
  • Colossians 1:16,17… “Created by Him… and for Him”
  • Hebrews 11:3… “By faith we believe this…”
  • John 1:3… “All things were made by Him”
  • Revelation 10:6… “God created the heavens and the earth… Gen.1:1”
  • Romans 1:20… “The invisible things that God made (Such as the Godhead) are clearly seen in their products (people).
  • Acts 17:23-26… “He is the giver of life”
  • Jeremiah 10:12… “Made by His discretion (free choice)”
  • Nehemiah 9:6… “…and thou preservest (protects) them all.”
  • Genesis 1:26,27… “We are created in God’s own image”
  • Genesis 2:21-23… “Woman created by God”
  • Genesis 1:11… “Everything made after its own kind”
  • Genesis 1:24 … “Even the beasts after their own kind”


VI. Of the Fall of Man

We believe that man was created in innocence (free of guilt, purity of heart) under the law of his Maker (God), but by voluntary (One’s choice) transgression (Sin which is going against God’s commands), fell from his sinless and happy state, in consequence (the result) of which all mankind are sinners, not by constraint (force), but of choice; and therefore under just condemnation (sentence to punishment) without defense or excuse.

  • Genesis 3:1-6, 24… “The story of the fall of man”
  • Romans 5:12… “All mankind is born a sinner”
  • Romans 5:19… “Disobedience created sin, obedience creates righteousness”
  • Romans 3:10-19… “All the world is guilty before God” (But thanks to Jesus Christ shedding His blood we become guiltless)
  • Ephesians 2:1,3… “We are quickened (made alive) after we are saved”
  • Romans 1:18… “the wrath (violent anger) of God is revealed”
  • Ezekiel 18:19,20… “A righteous man shall be happy even though he be the son of a wicked father.”
  • Romans 1:32… “We deserve death because of our disobedience to God”
  • Romans 1:20… “If God is in us… he will be evidenced (made known)”
  • Romans 1:28… “Many chose not to know God, so God rejects them”
  • Galatians 3:22… “The promise of our Savior to those who believe”


VII. Of the Virgin Birth

We believe that Jesus Christ was begotten (to be the father of, to bring into being) of the Holy Ghost, in a miraculous manner; born of Mary, a virgin, as no other man was ever born or can ever be born of a woman, and that He is both the son of God, and God the Son.

  • Genesis 3:15… “God will put bitterness between Satan, Jesus, and us.” The Seed (Jesus) will bruise the head of Satan in the future.
  • Isaiah 7:14… “The prediction of the virgin birth by Isaiah”
  • Matthew 1:18-25… “The fulfillment of the virgin birth by God”
  • Luke 1:35… “The Holy Ghost will come upon Mary and deliver the seed”
  • Mark 1:1… “Jesus Christ is the Son of God, not the son of man.”
  • John 1:14… “The Word (Jesus) was made flesh, born of a virgin.”
  • Psalms 2:7… “Jesus is the begotten (father of) son of God”
  • Galatians 4:4… “God sent forth His Son, to be born of a woman”
  • I John 5:20… “He is the true God”
  • I Corinthians 15:47 … “The first being Adam and at first we are born as Adam” (of the flesh) The second being Jesus as when we are born again in the spirit of Jesus. (Read also verses 44-46)


VIII. Of the Atonement for Sin

We believe that the mediatorial (Person, or office that is a go between) offices of the Son of God, who by appointment of the Father, freely took upon Him our nature, yet without sin, honored the divine law by His personal obedience, and by His death made a full and vicarious atonement for our sins; that His atonement consisted not in setting us and example by His death as a martyr (A person who dies rather than to give up his religion); but was the voluntary substitution of Himself in the sinner’s place, the just dying for the unjust, Christ the Lord bearing our sins in His own body on the tree; that, having risen from the dead, He is now enthroned in heaven and uniting in His wonderful person the tenderest sympathies with divine perfection, He is every way qualified to be a suitable, a compassionate and an all-sufficient Saviour.

  • Ephesians 2:8… “By grace are we saved, it is nothing that we do Ourselves to earn our salvation, it is a gift from God!”
  • Acts 15:11… “We are saved through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ”
  • Romans 3:24… “We are justified (Declared righteous) freely by His Grace
  • John 3:16… “The matchless love of God”
  • Matthew 18:11… “Why Jesus came to earth”
  • Philippians 2:7… “Jesus; no reputation, a servant in the likeness of men
  • Hebrews 2:14… “Jesus put on humanity to be “near of kin” to us. Then Jesus stole the “sting” of death from Satan when He died on the cross and rose again.”
  • Isaiah 53:4-7… “He was wounded for our transgressions, and bruised for our iniquities, because of this we are healed…He bore all our iniquities (sins).”
  • Romans 3:25… “propitiation; something that causes, someone to act mercifully or forgivingly. God has set forth himself to be that something that causes (makes) us act mercifully or forgivingly, through the faith we have in His shed blood.”
  • I John 4:10… “Herein is love…Jesus sent to be the propitiation for our sins.”
  • I Corinthians 15:3… “Paul tells the people at Corinth “Christ died for our sins”
  • II Corinthians 5:21… “He that knew no sin, became sin that we might be made the righteousness of God.”
  • John 10:18… “No man took Jesus life, He gave it for us.
  • Philippians 2:8… “He was god in human form setting the example for us that we might follow his humbleness, and obedience and finally our death to sin.”
  • Galatians 1:4… “It was God’s will for Jesus to lay down His life.”
  • I Peter 2:24… He bore our sins in His own body for us to be able to live in righteousness.”
  • I Peter 3:18… “He died so that he might bring us to God”
  • Isaiah 53:11… “God shall see the painfulness of His soul and be satisfied by His knowledge shall my righteous servant (Jesus) justify many;”
  • Hebrews 12:2… “Who for the joy suffered the cross”
  • I Corinthians 15:20… “Christ is risen from the dead He became the first fruits (first proof) to obtain life after death (those that are asleep)”
  • Isaiah 53:12… “He “poured out” His soul for us, He was numbered with “The transgressors (rebellious people)” in that he hung on the cross with two thieves. His whole life he was numbered with the Transgressors, He was accused of breaking the Sabbath, A drunkard, and a friend to publicans and sinners. Then, “He made intercession for the sinners” comes between the sinner and God upon repentance of our sins.”
  • Hebrews 9: 12-15… ‘Though Christ dying on the cross for our sins, we do not have to live under the law where we sacrifice goats and bulls for repentance.”
  • Hebrews 7:25… “He is able to save them completely.”
  • I John 2;2… “He propitiates (regains our good will) of God”


IX.  Of Grace in the New Creation

We believe that in order to be saved, sinners must be born again; that the new birth is a new creation in Christ Jesus; that it is instantaneous (Done without delay) and not a process (A series of actions leading to a result); that in the new birth the one dead in trespasses and in sins is made a partaker in the divine nature and receives eternal life, the free gift of God; that the new creation is brought about in a manner above our comprehension (Understanding), not by culture (The act of improving), not by character (The qualities in a person that make them different), nor by the will of man, but wholly and solely by the power of the Holy Spirit in connection with divine truth, so that its proper evidence appears in the Holy fruits of repentance and faith and newness of life.

  • Luke 5:27, 28… “Once we are saved, Christ tells us to do as the publican Levi, “Follow Me”. Then we are to “leave all”
  • John 1:12-13… “When we are born again we immediately become the sons of God, because we are born of God!”
  • John 3:3, 6, 7… “We cannot see the kingdom of God until we are born again we must be born of the spirit, not the flesh to please God!”
  • Acts 2:38-41… “Peter tells Israel what is expected of new converts”
  • Romans 6:23… “When we continue in sin it leads to death (Spiritual).”
  • II Corinthians 5:17… “If we are truly of God, then we are a new creature (person)” (This means that our desire to do the bad things that we used to do before we were save are changed.) Note verse 18; ALL things are of God. He that reconciled (renewed our friendship/relationship) us with God through Jesus and gives us the ministry also of reconciliation (renewing our friendship/relationship with others)
  • Galatians 5:22… “If we are saved we will produce a spirit within us that will contain the fruits (Evidence of) Love, Joy, Peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance.”
  • Ephesians 2:1… “He hath “quickened” us, made us spiritually alive
  • Ephesians 5:9-11… “The fruit of the spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth. Have no fellowship with the world, but we should “reprove” (Scold, find fault with them harshly) ”
  • Colossians 2:13… “We were dead in sins before salvation, since we are gentiles (Uncircumsized, not Jews) he hath made us alive with him.”
  • II Peter 1:4… “With all God’s promises to us in His word, He expects us to be partakers of the divine nature (Actions of Christ)”
  • I John 5:1… “If we believe in Christ, we are born of Christ.”


X. Of the Freeness of Salvation

We believe in God’s electing Grace; That the blessings of salvation are made free to all by the gospel; that is the immediate duty of all to accept them by a cordial (warm and friendly), penitent (feeling sorry for sins) and obedient faith; and nothing prevents the salvation of the greatest sinner on earth but his own inherent (belonging or being a part) depravity (to corrupt a person’s good morals) and voluntary rejection of the gospel; which rejection involves him in an aggravated (to make worse) condemnation (to declare to be wrong).

  • Isaiah 55:1, 6, 7 … “1 everyone that thirsts, those that are curious, come to Christ and taste of His grace through salvation. Vrs. 6… Accept Him now while you can before it is too late. Vrs.7…God will not refuse anyone, even those who refuse Him.”
  • Matthew 11:28… “Christ will give you rest from your burdens.”
  • John 3:15-18,36… “vrs. 15-18… Christ did not come to condemn, but to save that which was lost. 36… The wrath of God abideth (Stays) on the person who does not believe in God.
  • John 6:37… “Christ will refuse no one.” Repent (Change your mind, change your way), and be baptized for the remission (forgiveness) of sin and the receiving of the Holy Ghost.”
  • Romans 8:28-30 … vrs. 28… if we love God all things will work together for
  • Acts 2:38… Our good. 29… for whom He knew before He did
  • predestinate (pre-ordain, appoint or chose as minister) to be conformed (to make like) to the image of Jesus Christ. 30 Those whom God has chosen to be ministers He has also called, justified, and glorified them.”
  • Romans 10:13… “Whosever”, shall be saved”
  • I Corinthians 15:10… “Paul states here that only by the Grace of God we are what we are.”
  • Ephesians 2:4, 5… “God who is rich in mercy, love and grace has saved us
  • Colossians 3:12-25… “As the elect (Chosen) of God we are to have these qualities.”
  • I Thessalonians 1:4, 5… “Know that you are called of God.”
  • I Timothy 1:15… “Christ came into the world to save sinners.”
  • I Peter 1:2… “When we chose “Elect” a minister or officer in the church we do it through sanctification (having all the qualities of a Christian life), and obedience (Obedient to God).”
  • Revelation 22:17… “Whosever will…may come.”


XI. Of Justification (To free from blame, declared righteous)

We believe that the great Gospel blessing which Christ secures to such as believe in Him is justification; that justification includes the pardon of sin, and the gift of eternal life on principles (Rules of conduct) of righteousness; that it is bestowed (presented as a gift) not in consideration of any works of righteousness which we have done; but solely through faith in the Redeemers blood, His righteousness is imputed (attributed to another, Jesus) unto us.

  • Isaiah 53:11… “Christ bears our iniquities (The thoughts of sin)”
  • Habakkuk 2:4… “We live by His faith”
  • Zechariah 13:1… “Jesus takes away the guilt of sin by the blood of His cross.” ¶ In that day (In the gospel Day) there shall be a fountain opened (A provision made, Jesus) to the house of David and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem (For those who truly repent) for sin and for uncleanness.”
  • Acts 13:39… “By Him (Jesus) we (Those that are saved) are justified of all things (sins and iniquities)”
  • Romans 1:17… For therein (In the gospel) is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: (The faith that justifies us, then there is faith maintaining us) as it is written, The just shall live by
  • Romans 4:1-7… “Paul, here is proving that Abraham was justified by faith not his works … 1) ¶ What shall we say then that Abraham our father, as pertaining to the flesh, hath found? (What did Abraham find?) 2) For if Abraham were justified by works, he hath whereof to glory; but not before God. (He would not boast, even though men may have exalted him) 3) For what saith the scripture? Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness. (He had faith in God, it is not the perfect faith that is required, but the prevailing faith.) 4) Now to him that worketh is the reward not reckoned of grace, but of debt. (If Abraham would have been justified by his works then the reward would have been of debt, and not of grace.) 5) But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness. (For this is “true faith”) 6) Even as David also describeth the blessedness of the man, unto whom God imputeth (To put on another’s account As God put our sins on Jesus account so that we would not be held accountable) righteousness without works, 7) Saying, Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered.
  • Romans 5:1… “Being justified by faith gives us peace”
  • Romans 5:9… “Being justified, excludes (Does not include) us from his wrath that is to come upon this world.”
  • Romans 8:1… “We will not be condemned if we walk after the spirit. But if we walk after the flesh then we shall be condemned. In other words, If we are truly saved we will want to walk after the spirit (Desire the things of God) and not after the flesh (The things of this world or our fleshly desire will not rule our entire life)
  • Galatians 3:11… “In the sight of God we are not justified by the Law”
  • Hebrews 10:38… “God does not pleasure (is not happy) with those who draw back their faith.
  • Titus 3:5-7… “Through the justification of Christ we are made heirs. (even though we sin daily), Christ has still declared us righteous.


XII. Of Repentance and Faith

We believe that the repentance and faith are solemn (sacred)obligations (duty), and also inseparable (Cannot separate) graces, wrought (worked into shape) in our souls by the quickening (making us alive) Spirit of God; thereby, being deeply convicted of our guilt, danger and helplessness, and of the way of salvation by Christ, we turn to God with unfeigned (sincere, true) contrition (broken down spirit), confession and supplication (cleansing) for mercy; at the same time heartily receiving the Lord Jesus Christ and openly confessing Him as our only and all sufficient (able to do all) Lord and Savior.

  • Acts 20:21…Paul tells us through repentance and faith”
  • Mark 1:15… “Jesus tells us to repent and believe the gospel”
  • Acts 2:37,38… “pricked” convicted, then repent and be baptized”
  • Luke 18:13 “realize you are a sinner”
  • Romans 10:13 ‘Whosever (anybody) shall call upon His name…”
  • Psalms 51:1-4 “David’s plea to cleanse him”
  • Isaiah 55:6,7 “Seek God today, after the rapture will be too late.”
  • Luke 12:8 “We must confess our sins (admit our mistakes)
  • Romans 10:9-11 “If we confess, and believe we shall be saved.”


XIII. Of the Church

We believe that a Baptist church is a congregation of baptized believers associated (joined as a friend) by a covenant (promise) of faith and fellowship of the gospel, said church being understood to be the citadel (a fortress) and propagator (cause to increase) of the divine and eternal grace; observing (seeing) the ordinances (laws) of Christ; governed by His laws; exercising the gifts, rights, and privileges (a given right) invested (put) in them by His Word; that it’s officers of ordination (ceremony) are it’s pastors or elders whose qualifications, claims and duties are clearly defined in the Scriptures; we believe the true mission of the church is found in the Great Commission; first, to make individual disciples; second, to build up the church; third, to teach and instruct as He has commanded. We do not believe in the reversal of this order; we hold that the local church has the absolute right of self-government, free from the interference of any hierarchy (a form of government with ranks) of individuals or organizations; and that the one and only superintendent is Christ through the Holy Spirit; that it is scriptural (found in God’s word) for true churches to cooperate with each other in contending (standing up for) for the faith and for the furtherance (spreading) of the gospel; that every church is the sole and only judge of the measure and method of it’s cooperation; on all matters of membership, of policy, of government, of discipline, of benevolence (to do good), the will of the local church is final.

  • Acts 2:41, 42… “proof of baptized believers added to the church”
  • I Corinthians 11:2…Keep (obey) the ordinances (rules, laws)
  • Ephesians 1:22, 23…Christ is head of the church”
  • Ephesians 4:11… Christ’s gifts to the church (it’s governing body)
  • I Corinthians 12:4,8-11… “Spiritual gifts of the members”
  • Acts 14:23… “God ordained elders in every church”
  • I Timothy 3:1-13 … “the scripture and the coming apostasy (failing beliefs) 
  • Matthew 28:19-20…The Great Commission”
  • Colossians 1:8… Our love in the spirit”
  • Ephesians 5:23,24…Christ is head of the church”
  • I Peter 5:1-4…Duties of the pastor listed here (feed the flock)
  • Acts 15:22…The sending out of other pastors from the church”
  • Jude 3,4…Earnestly (seriously) contend (argue) for the faith.”
  • II Corinthians 8:23,24…Brothers in Christ should edify one another
  • I Corinthians 16:1, 2…The “the collection” means offering”
  • Malachi 3:10 …Tithes in the “storehouse” means church”
  • Leviticus 27:32… “Concerning the tithes of your possessions”
  • I Corinthians 6:1-3… “Saints forbidden to go to court against one another”
  • I Corinthians 5:11-13… “Do not keep company with these kinds of people”


XIV. Of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper

We believe that Christian baptism is the immersion (plunge or go under) in water of a believer (one who has accepted Christ as their Savior); in the name of the father, of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, with the authority (permission)of the local church, to show forth in a solemn (set apart in honor) and beautiful emblem (symbol, or picture)our faith in the crucified, buried and risen Savior, with it’s effect (Example) in our death to sin and resurrection to a new life; that it is prerequisite (required before) to the privileges (right or liberty) of a church relation and to the Lord’s supper; in which the members of the church, by the sacred use of bread and the fruit of the vine are to commemorate (remember) together the dying love of Christ; preceded (to go before) always by solemn (quite honoring) self-examination (examine yourself).

  • Acts 8:36-39… “Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch’s (a castrated man) baptism”
  • Matthew 3:6…Baptism after confessing your sins”
  • John 3:23…John baptizing”
  • Romans 6:4-5… Bury our sins and walk in a new life as did Christ”
  • Matthew 3:16…Baptism of Jesus”
  • Matthew 28:19…Christ commissions the apostles to baptize”
  • Romans 6:3-5…We die to sin (stop doing sin) and the live again with Christ”
  • Colossians 2:12…We are raised in baptism to understand the operation of God”
  • Acts 2:41,42…Baptized and joined the church”
  • Matthew 28:19-20… “The Great Commission (an order or instruction)
  • I Corinthians 11:23-28…The Lord’s Supper”


XV. Of the Perseverance of the Saints

We believe that such only are real believers as endure (Stay) unto the end; that their persevering (to stay faithful no matter the problems) attachment to Christ is the grand mark (one thing) which distinguishes (sets them apart) them from superficial (small knowing) professors; that a special Providence (divine (Godly) guiding) watches over their welfare (state of health and wealth); and that they are kept by the power of God through faith unto eternal salvation.

  • John 8:31,32… “If we continue (stay in God’s word, we will prove ourselves.)
  • Colossians 1:21-23…When we were alienated (set apart from God) before we were saved, He now has reconciled (Made us friends with God) And through Christ dying on the cross, he has allowed us to talk, walk and pray to God. He presents us (shows us) to God that we are Holy, without blame, and not scolding.
  • I John 2:19…People leave churches (of like faith) because they were not truly one of us. They were pretenders.
  • Matthew 13:19-21…When we don’t understand the word of God for ourselves, here comes Satan to try and twist it by using what you have sown in your heart.
  • Romans 8:28… “…all things work together for good to them that love God,”
  • Psalms 121:3… “He will not suffer (allow) thy foot to be moved:” God sends the Holy Spirit to convict us in our “not moving” to another religion.”
  • Hebrews 1:14…Angels are sent to us to minister to us as we have need.”
  • I Peter 1:3,4,5…Our inheritance is kept by God and revealed to us in His time.”
  • Philippians 1:6…God who begins a good work in us will not stop working in us until He comes back to take us home.”
  • John 10:28,29…Christ gave us eternal life, and that means nothing can pluck (take) us out of the hand of Jesus because God gave us to Jesus.”
  • Romans 8:35-39…Nothing can separate us from the love of God. NOTHING!”


XVI. Of the Righteous and the Wicked

We believe that there is a radical (extreme, huge) and essential (necessary) difference between the righteous and the wicked; that such only as through faith are justified (proved to be right) in the name of the Lord Jesus, and sanctified (set apart as holy) by the Spirit of our God, are truly righteous (Saved) in His esteem (high regard, think very good); while all such as continue in impenitence (not sorry for what you have done) and unbelief are in His sight wicked, and under the curse, and this distinction (knowing the difference) holds among men both in and after death, in everlasting felicity (Great happiness) of the saved and the everlasting conscious (awareness)suffering of the lost.

  • Malachi 3:18… “We will “discern” (to see the difference between two things) between the righteous and the wicked.”
  • Genesis 18:23… “A righteous person must not look at Sodom, but look at the Lord.”
  • Romans 6:17,18…Thanks to God that we are not servants of sin as we were before being saved.’
  • Proverbs 11:31…The saved (righteous) shall pay (be punished) for their sins (recompensed), but the unsaved even more.”
  • I Peter 1:18…Our salvation was not bout with silver and gold, but with the blood of Jesus Christ. Tradition was that Kings could be bought with silver and gold to save a life.”
  • Romans 1:17…If you are truly saved (just), then you will live by faith!
  • I Cor. 15:22…Because of Adam’s sin we are born the first time in sin, but the second birth comes from Christ Jesus.”
  • Acts 10:34, 35…God is no respecter of persons.” (It doesn’t matter who you are, God will treat everyone the same)
  • John 2:25 “Christ knows what is in all of us.
  • Romans 6:16…You are a servant to the one you yield (respond)to the most.”
  • I John 5:19…We should know that we are of God, and the world is a wicked place.”
  • Galatians 3:10 “Cursed is everyone that doesn’t obey God’s word which is written in this book. (See also Deuteronomy 27:26.)”
  • Romans 7:6 “We are delivered from the law (we do not have to give sacrifices to God anymore for our sins) When we were dead (unsaved) we were held by Satan, but now we are to serve in a new spirit and not the old ways.”
  • Romans 6:23For the wages of sin is death; (to keep on living in sin you will die) but the gift of God (Salvation) is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
  • Proverbs 14:32…The unsaved are focused in their wickedness, while the saved have hope through Christ Jesus.”
  • Luke 16:25…Right now we may be in torment for a short life time, but we will be free of any kind of pain forever in Heaven.
  • Matthew 25:34, 40, 41…The saved will be seated on God’s right hand and he will welcome us with all he has prepared for us. But he will tell the unsaved (seated on His left) what you have done to the saved people you have done it unto me, so therefore depart from me, I never knew you.
  • John 8:21 “If we believe not or follow not Christ, we will die in our sins.”
  • Luke 9:26 “If we are ashamed of him, His doctrine, His word, His power, and etc. He will be ashamed of us and reject us.”
  • John 12:25…If we love life more than God we will not live long on the earth.
  • Matthew 7:13, 14… “Straight is the gate (The duty of Christians to enter into the gate of His Kingdom) and narrow the way (There is only one way to heaven and not many ways)


XVII. Of Civil Government

We believe that civil government is of Divine appointment for the interest and good order of human society; that magistrates are to be prayed for, conscientiously honored and obeyed, except only in things opposed to the will of our Lord Jesus Christ; who is the only Lord of the conscience, and the coming Prince of the kings on earth.

  • Romans 13:7… “¶ Render therefore to all their dues:” Give anyone that has authority anywhere due (what is owed them)
  • II Samuel 23:3… “Anyone that rules over others (Pastors, judges, presidents, governors, teachers, etc.)”
  • Exodus 18:17-24…Moses father in law shows Moses that he cannot make all the decisions. He must have help. Same with our government in the U.S. or in our cities or our churches.
  • Acts 23:5… “Thou shalt not speak evil of the ruler of thy people.” It is wrong for us to talk bad about our president, king, or mayor or pastor.
  • Titus 3:1… “Put them in mind to be subject (under the control of) to principalities (leader or chief) and powers, to obey magistrates (public government official, like president), to be ready to every good work, 2) To speak evil of no man, to be no brawlers (fighters), but gentle, shewing all meekness unto all men.
  • I Peter 2: 13,14… “If we want the praise of our friends and neighbors, then we must obey the laws of this land.”
  • I Peter 2:17… “Honour all men (Those women, men boys and girls that are saved or unsaved). Love the brotherhood (those brothers and sisters in Christ). Fear God (fear what God can do to us if we do not obey Him). Honour the king (or our president, or those in charge of us).
  • Acts 4:18-20…The people here had asked Peter and John to stop preaching in the name of the Lord. Then Peter said that they could not stop talking about the things which they had eye witnessed of Jesus doing. When our government or a person of power asks us to be quiet about our talking about God… then God will allow us to disobey the government.
  • Daniel 3:17,18…Here is a classic example of three men who would not bow down to the king’s rules… they stood up for God and their principles.”
  • Matthew 10:28… Do not fear Man (Killer of body and not killer of the soul), But fear God (who is able to kill both body and soul)
  • Matthew 23:8-10…We are not to call anyone on earth “father” except God. The Catholic people call all their priests and such… “father.” Jesus said not to call anyone “father” except God.
  • Philippians 2:10,11…To Jesus and God only are we to bow…not to kings of this ”
  • Psalms 72:11…All kings and nations shall serve God.”


XVIII. Of the Resurrection and Return of Christ and related events

We accept and believe every word of our King James Holy Bible and hold it as the sacred and Holy Word of God. About the resurrection, we believe that Christ’s body arose from the grave after three days according to scripture. We believe that He alone is our merciful and faithful high priest in things belonging to God. We believe that this same Jesus Christ which rose from the dead will be returning again someday in the same way he left this earth after His death on the cross, bodily, visibly, and personally. We believe at His return, the dead in Christ shall rise first and those saints that are alive at His return will be changed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye at the last trumpet sound. Then the Lord God shall give Jesus Christ the throne of His father David, and then Christ will reign a thousand years in righteousness until he hath put all enemies under His feet.                                          

  • Matthew 28:6,7…Christ had risen from the dead
  • Luke 1:32… The Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David
  • Luke 24:2-7, 39, 51… He is risen from the dead returned to earth shortly and went back into heaven.
  • John 20:27… Be not as “Doubting Thomas”
  • John 14:3… Where Jesus is now, we also will be when we leave earth.
  • I Corinthians 15:4 He was buried and rose the third day
  • Mark 16:6,19…Proof that Jesus had risen


XIX. Of Missions

We believe that the command to go spread the gospel to all the people in the world is very clear with no mistakes. This commission (order or command to be handed out) from God was given to the churches by Jesus Christ.

  • Mathew 28:18-20…These verses are known as our “Great Commission” We are to spread the gospel to all nations
  • Mark 16:15…Preach to every creature
  • John 20:21…God sent Jesus into the world and now we are sent by Jesus into the world to preach His word.
  • Romans 10:13-15…And how shall they preach to others, unless someone sends them.


XX. Of the Grace of Giving

        We believe that giving of our tithes and offerings and talents and time and etc. are scriptural and essential to the church. It is one of the basic truths of God’s Word in His requirements the children of God.

  • Ezra 7:16 …Freewill offering
  • Exodus 35:5… Those who give, give willingly
  • Luke 18:12… Give tithes of all you have

We are required by God to bring our gifts, tithes and offerings into the “storehouse” (treasury of the church) upon the first day of the week.

  • Malachi 3:10… Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse
  • I Corinthians 16:2… The first day of the week
  • Hebrews 7:2,4… Abraham is one of our examples

The tithes and offerings belong to God and His ministry and therefore He commands it to be given of your own free will.

  • Leviticus 27:30… All the tithes are the Lord’s
  • Malachi 3:10…Test God by tithing, then see if He will pour you out blessings.

God also tells us in the Bible that if we do not give as He has commanded, we rob God.

  • Malachi 3:8… We rob Him by not paying our tithes to the local church.

It is also is known that when Church members have articles that they wish to donate to the church, it is given to the pastor and the church as the family deems necessary.

  • Acts 4:34, 35, 37… The apostles were the pastors of churches