In Loving Memory
of the
Outstanding Deaf
in the
Silent Bible Baptist Church

Kendall and Lily
Rev. Kendall A. Wilcoxson

Bro. Wilcoxson established the church of SBBC in May of 1969 and passed away on December 4th, 2004. He was deaf and had many deaf friends whom he enjoyed ministering to throughout his life. His wife Lily Wilcoxson who ministered to the deaf ladies for many years after Kendall’s death went home t be with the Lord on December 26, 2020. They are both now enjoying one another in their relationship with Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior.

carl-and-gladys.jpg Carl And Gladys Rose

Bro. Carl was an outstanding, faithful, supporting member, and deaf Deacon of SBBC for many years. He was considered to be Bro. Wilcoxson’s “Right Hand Man” in any situation at SBBC. Carl’s wife Gladys was a very intelligent deaf member of SBBC who was church clerk, member of the food committee, and singing specialist of the church. It was an honor to have this fine deaf couple being members of SBBC. The Roses and Wilcoxsons enjoyed camping and traveling together during and after they retired. The Roses are united with many deaf friends who are asleep in the Lord.


James and Joan Hansen

James and Joan were one of the sweetest deaf couples we have ever had the honor in knowing. They were always faithful to the Lord, each other, and SBBC. They were always at every activity no matter the weather. James was a steady deaf church treasurer throughout the years at SBBC. His wife Joan was a Mrs. Wilcoxson’s “Right Hand” in the church, supporting each member with a smiling face. She always made many delicious dishes to bring at all activities. This wonderful couple is now resting in peace as terrific servants of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Bro. Craig Turtness

Bro. Craig was a known deaf alcoholic with a real bad temper before Bro. Kendall Wilcoxson led him to the Lord in the early 1970’s. Bro. Craig made a tremendous change in his life and became one of the most enthusiastic, energetic deaf song leaders of SBBC. Craig was also considered to be a deaf “Saul of Tarsus.” Craig loved to read his bible and many other biblical books. He left this world to join his Creator to lead music in Heaven.

Bro. Charles Lewis

Our faithful member since 1971 has
gone on to be with His Lord and Saviorbro. lewis Jesus Christ. He left SBBC on
January 22nd, 2019.
He and His wife Mary were faithful members of SBBC coming to camp outs and all activities and services provided for the deaf to worship the Lord as they so desired. This great servant will missed greatly as a former song leader and friend to everyone in our church.