Event Calendar

2021 Event Calendar

for the

Silent Bible Baptist Church



*** Due to COVID -19 and our government rulings, there have been no events up to this point for over a year. ***

Praise the Lord, as of April 1st we will begin scheduling activities, events, and speakers !

APRIL –  The Friendship Baptist Church will be having an Easter egg hunt for the children after their morning Morning Worship services (approximately 12:15 am.
The Silent Bible Baptist Church will have it’s First Easter Dinner at 12:30 following the Easter Services. We ask those wishing to attend to bring a covered dish. The church will provide the meat purchased from Rib Crib in Derby, Ks.   MASKS ARE NOT REQUIRED. State Law has dropped the mandatory face mask wearing as of April 1st.


  • 26th – 10am to 1pm – Picnic and Service at O.J Watson Park, in the A/C building #6 near concessions.


  • 16th 10:30 am – Bro. Jim Sloan of Deaf Outreach Ministries will start a series of lessons on this day of “How Should We Live In This Present World” (Titus 2:11-12). This is a very stressful and trying time in the world we live in today and we need God’s wisdom to help us make it through the tough times. Do you need Help? Do you need direction in your life?
  • 17th  – at 10:00 am and 11:00 am …Bro Jim Sloan of Deaf Outreach Ministries will continue his series on “How Should We Live in this Present World?
  • October 23 – Wichita Deaf Halloween Party (Saturday) Several Wichita deaf associations will be at O.J. Watson Park in shelter #5 near concessions building and train.  Silent Bible Baptist Church of Wichita and  the Friendly Baptist Deaf of Hutchinson will share a booth there advertising our deaf churches. There will be train rides, boat rides, mini golf, and etc. for all deaf and their children to enjoy. Some FREE tickets may be available.  

  • December 26th – Christmas Caroling (Sunday after the morning services) We are planning on going to 3 of our ladies who are in nursing homes and unable to get out. We will take to them a gift box or basket full of goodies and then sing to them songs to celebrate the Christmas season. Please pray for us that the “glad tidings/good news” will be spread in their hearts as we present the gospel in sign and song.