Event Calendar

2020 Event Calendar

for the

Silent Bible Baptist Church



***No events***


16th – Valentines Banquet. After the morning message at 11:00 am we will go to The Olive Garden at 313 N. Rock Road in Wichita, Ks.


8th – Daylight savings time begins. Before you go to bed Saturday night of the 7th, you may want to move your clocks up (Spring forward) 1 hour so that you will be in church services before it ends.

22-29th – All services are cancelled due to the Government asking for a lock-down on all gatherings of over 10 or more to help eliminate the spread of COVID 19.


12th – Pray that God will allow us to worship His death, burial and resurrection. If Easter services are not cancelled and our Lord has not come for His bride (The church), we will have services at 10:00 am, Easter Service, and the Lord’s supper at 11:00 am.


3rd Because of the government’s “stay at home order” our anniversary will be celebrated at our homes.

10th – Mothers Day- As of right now, the “The stay at home order” by our government who cannot make up their minds and continue to keep us under rule of thumb…will be spending another two weeks at home.

17th – MAYBE??? We are planning with the hearing church to have our services separate but at the same time. The hearing church (Friendship Baptist Church) will be meeting in the main sanctuary  and the deaf church (SBBC) will be meeting in the Victory Chapel at 10:30 am for one service. If we are able to go out and eat we will do so. We had services and only one hearing person showed up!

May 31st – We are planning to have one service again at 11:00 am and keep our social distancing and masks (for those who desire to have that extra security). 


7th – We will open this week up with our regular 10:00 am Sunday School and 11:00 am Morning Worship hour.

21st Father’s Day  at O.J. Watson Park is cancelled due to COVID-19 and the Park not being opened. However we may plan to have a BBQ at the Wilcoxson’s house.


4thIndependence Day – Saturday at the Wilcoxson home for those who wish to celebrate with games, BBQ, fireworks and fun.


16th – “Back to school” service (Sunday where the young people hold services)


13th – Labor Day

27th – Fall Praise Festival


18th- Bro. Matt McKendree and family to the deaf in Peru
25th – Bro. Jim Sloan with Deaf Outreach


8th – Thanksgiving Dinner/Service (Cancelled due to Balogna Virus)


8th – Christmas Caroling (On Sunday after morning services) Cancelled due to Balogna Virus)

20th – Christmas Dinner