Free at Last

“ Free at Last  ”

 Galatians 5:1


I. What is Freedom

  A) Being free, liberty, independence

  • It is freedom from something that you were once a slave to.
  • Examples of Slavery; Israelites-were slaves to Rome. Negroes- slaves to the Americans. The unsaved- slaves to sin.
  • Examples of freedom; Israelites-Moses sent by God to free His people, Negroes- God led Abraham Lincoln into office to free the slaves here in America. The unsaved- God sent His son to die on the cross to free us from sin.

B) Not being in debt

  • “Freedom” also means not being in debt. Not owing anything to someone else.
  • Debt to our heavenly father-for His Grace, His Love, His Son, and His Word.
  • Debt to Jesus- For His Blood, His example, His Love
  • Debt to others- Our parents, our friends, our debtors (Bills, utilities, etc.)

C) A wonderful feeling

  • Freedom is a wonderful feeling.
  • This feeling only comes to us when we are truly free.


II. “Stand fast therefore…”

  A) What does “stand fast” mean?

  • Do not move. Do not relocate. Stay still.
  • Do not change. Keep doing what you have always done.
  • Hold on to. Do not let go of something, stay with it.
  • Stand fast in the old laws, the old ways, the old beliefs!

B) What does “therefore” mean?

  • For this reason.
  • The reason that is to follow in the verse given which means… The reason is… “…in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free”

III.  “…in the Liberty…”

  A) What this meant to Jewish Church

  • They were under bondage, under a yoke of bondage.
  • They were servants (slaves) to their religion…
  1. Rites and observances (as to days and weeks, months, and years; in the multitude of their sacrifices of all sorts, which they were obliged every day to offer.)
  2. In their frequent purifications and washings; (in the strict distinctions they were obliged to make between clean and unclean meats)
  3. In the numerous rites and ceremonies they are required to observe at their marriages and burials, at bed and board, at home and abroad, nay, even in plowing, sowing, and reaping; so numerous were these observances, that they took up half their time, and were as burdensome as they were numerous.
    • This “Liberty” that Paul is talking about here is the Liberty from “The Law”
    • “The Law” .. the law that was set up by God himself for his people to follow.

B) Our Country’s Liberty

  • Our ancestors were in bondage (slaves) to the King and Queen of England so the pilgrims came to America to be freed from the slavery of …worshiping the King and Queen, doing everything they say, not owning your own land and doing your own thing.
  • Our Country’s liberty started when Christopher Columbus set foot on the Mayflower.
  • Our liberty now is becoming slowly out of hand.


IV. “Wherewith Christ hath made us free”

  A) You must be a servant or slave to be free

  • John 8:31 Jesus is talking to the Jews here after the feast.
  • If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;(in other words… If we do as he says in His word (the Bible) then we truly are followers of Christ.
  • Read verse 32Christ is telling them(and us) that we will know the truth of God’s word when we hear it. And it is God’s son Jesus that will set is free.
  • There are many false truths (Bibles) in the world today.
  • Verse 33The Jews did not understand what Christ was talking about.
  • Then Jesus answers them in verse 34,35…  
  • Then in verse 36… If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

B) How did Christ free us?

  • He made the Jews and us free- when He died on the Cross. (Matthew 27:51-54)
  • So that we are now free from…
  1. The Law that used to be for all of God’s children
  2. Sin that we are slaves to.
  3. How can we be “free at last”
  4. A) Realize that you are a sinner, Christ died for you
    • Romans 3:9-12… “there is none righteous, there is none that seeketh God,
    • Romans 6:23...The gift of God is life through Jesus
    • Romans 5:8… Christ died for us…

C) We must confess

  • Romans 10:9,10We must confess all our sins to God and be saved
  • Romans 12:1,2God does not want us “conformed”(to be like) to this world, but God wants us “transformed” (changed) to his ways.

D) We must be Baptized

  • Acts 2:38 …Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.


       Do You Want To Be Free At Last?