Gift Finder

“Spiritual Gift Finder”


            First of all, make anX or check mark before each sentence below that you feel is true about yourself. If the sentence is not true about you, then leave the space in front of the sentence blank.

Which one of these seven persons describes you most…


Person number 1

____  I want to make sure what people say and write are true.

____  I always try to gain as much knowledge as I can.

____  I get upset when people say things that are not true.

____  I like to make sure that the person preaching or teaching me has the proper  certificates and qualifications for teaching.

____  I use my mind to check out arguments.

____  I enjoy spending hours studying for things that seem important to me.

____  I like to tell as many facts to people as I can.

____  I pay close attention to each word or phrase that people say.

____  I am mostly quiet on matters until I check it out.

____  I like to study things in order.


Person number 2

____  I usually know what the final result of a job or project is going to be before I start.

____  I enjoy getting things organized and telling others what to do so that our goal is reached.

____  I can take a large job and make it easier for others to work.

____  I know how to give certain jobs to certain people.

____  I know for sure what people are good workers to do certain jobs I have in mind.

____  People do not distract me very much when I am busy on a job.

____  I require loyalty  and truthfulness and faithfulness from those who work with me.

____  I will stop doing small jobs to focus on the goals of the project.

____  I encourage others around me to finish the goal.

____  I move on to the next challenge when I am finished with my job.


Person number 3

____  I always know when something is right or wrong.

____  I let someone know when they are false people.

____  I usually know when something is wrong.

____  I quickly know in my heart what someone’s character is.

____  I feel that it is my duty to tell people when they are wrong.

____  I stay away from people who refuse to repent of their sins.

____  I explain what is wrong with an item before I sell it.

____  I let people know how I feel on important issues.

____  I enjoy people who are completely honest with me.

____  I am quick to judge myself when I fail.

____  I am willing to do what is right even if it mans suffering.


Person number  4

____  I can sense when people have hurt feelings.

____  I rebuke (scold or warn) those who hurt others feelings.

____  I know real love when I see it and I am not often fooled by fake love.

____  I really desire to have deep friendship with others.

____  Many people come to me for help with their problems.

____  I find it hard to be strict with people or hard to help them make decisions.

____  I stand up for those whom I love.

____  I need important time to explain how I feel.

____  I want to get rid of those who hurt people.

____  I often wonder why God allows people to suffer.


Person number 5

____  I am able to help people see what they can be if they try.

____  I like to counsel people using certain methods.

____  I can know when people are spiritually growing.

____  I enjoy doing things to help people grow spiritually.

____  I am sometimes to quick to judge what I think will happen.

____  I don’t like teaching that doesn’t let me know where I am going or what to do.

____  I like to see facial emotions in those that I am helping.

____  I often use “my time” or “family time” to help others.

____  I many times use examples of myself or others to help someone understand better.

____  I give up on people who do not follow my advise.

____  I find it hard to finish a job/project that  I have started.

____  I usually let people know… “I’ve been there and done that.”


Person number 6

____  I notice the practical needs of others and enjoy helping them get the needs.

____  I enjoy serving (helping) so that it will allow others to do more important things.

____  I many times ignore my work to help others.

____  Many times I wear myself out helping others.

____  I can easily remember what other people like or not like.

____  I usually find a way to help someone before others do.

____  I many times will use my own money or materials to get a job done quickly.

____  It does not bother me to work by myself.

____  You do not want public praise or thanks, but would like for someone to let you know that what you have done was appreciated.

____  You find it difficult to say “no” to those who ask.

____  I like to do more work than what people ask me to do.


Person number 7

____  I am very good with the money for myself and family.

____  I enjoy giving money to different ministries of other people.

____  I have an ability to make money by wise investments.

____  I like to give to others in secret.

____  I usually say no to people who want money and put pressure on me.

____  I encourage others to give.

____  I want the ministries that I give to be successful.

____  I give to small projects that others may overlook.

____  I fear sometimes that when I give to someone they may not use the gift wisely.

____  I like to give gifts that cost a lot of money.

____  I enjoy knowing that a gift I receive was an answer to my prayer.


Which person are you?

Person number 1…                has the gift of TEACHING.

Person number 2…                has the gift of RULING.

Person number 3…                has the gift of PROPHECY.

Person number 4…                has the gift of MERCY.

Person number 5…                has the gift of EXORTING.

Person number 6…                has the gift of MINISTRY.

Person number 7…                has the gift of GIVING.