Gift of Giving

“ How to Identify Spiritual Gifts  ”


Romans 12:8



  A) What does “giveth” (giving) mean

  • It means… to give liberally (a lot, not few)
  • Many Christians fail in this area. They are “tightwads.”
  • God wants us to give (if we have) generously!
  • I also believe God wants us to use our brain and …do not give to organizations or people who waste money!
  • “Giveth” also means to give of our time and possessions that we have.

I. Some Characteristics of “Giveth”

  A) Ability to make wise decisions

  • People of God with this gift should be able to know a wise investment when they see one so they can give more money away to someone in need.
  • Matthew gave advise on the wise use of money… Matthew 6:19
  1. ¶ Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: Here in “Barnes Notes” i found this…Treasures, or wealth, among the ancients (people of Jesus time), consisted (to be made up of) in clothes, or changes of raiment, as well as in gold, silver, gems, wine, lands, and oil. It meant an abundance of anything that was held to be conducive (to promote or help, aid) to the ornament (decoration) or comfort of life. In explanation… We should not want to seek to save up money to buy things that are to help us look rich, but rather we should look good to our Saviour!
  2. In verse 20… But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: Let us name some treasures that Timothy is talking about… 1) lost souls you may win for Christ, 2) money you have given to the local Church, 3) work you performed for God’s work (visitation, clean church, make papers for fliers…etc)
  3. And in Matthew 25:14-30In this parable of the talents, God is telling us that we should not hide away (save) money that God has given us but rather try to use it to make more money for His work not our personal gain…
  • Note what he told the two that made a profit with their money…Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things:
  • What did he tell the man who saved his money or did not use it wisely as God expects us to… “Thou wicked and slothful servant,”

  B) Give quietly

  • Matthew is the only apostle to say “give privately”… In Matthew 6:1-4…
  • Giving a lot of money and letting people know about it is boastful.  Psalms 10:3… For the wicked boasteth (Brags) of his heart’s desire, and blesseth the covetous (those that desire other things), whom the LORD abhorreth (hates).
  • God does not like a boastful giver.                         

  C) Give as the Holy Spirit convicts

  • When we give to others (those that are brethren in Christ)we are actually giving to the Lord.
  • Matthew 25:35-46
  • Note verse 46… “ Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

  D) Having the desire to give high quality gifts

  • Matthew records in great detail the expensive gifts given to Jesus…
  • Matthew 2:11
  • Matthew 26:6-13...
  • Matthew 27:57-60

  E) Ability to test faithfulness and wisdom

  • They have the ability to test faithfulness and wisdom by how people handle their money.
  • Matthew reveals the foolishness and rebelion of those who mis-used what they were given….Matthew 21:33-39
  • Matthew 25:24-27

  F) They practice personal thriftyness (careful spending of money)

  • Matthew had wealth (riches) and wealthy friends…but he left it all to follow Jesus….Luke 5:27-32…

  G) Have ability to know what others do with their money

  • Matthew is the only one that explained in the Bible… what the religious leaders did with the 30 pieces of silver and that the soldiers were paid to lie…
  • Matthew 27:3-8...
  • Matthew 28:11-15

  H) They can see financial needs that others don’t

  • Many Christians will not see the needs of others.
  • Those that have the gift of “Giving” will give to the needy.
  • Matthew records Christ condemning the Pharisees for not supporting their aged parents, and also that it was fair to pay all laborers the same.
  • Matthew 15:3-7
  • Matthew 20:1-16

  I) Having a way to give that helps others to give

  • Matthew was a tax collector and had a way about him that motivated people to give.
  • Luke 5:29…
  • He is the only writer that records the account found in… Matthew 18:23-35


II. The Mis-uses of the gift of “Giveth”

  A) Not giving much to their own family

  • Givers are aware of the possibility of money corrupting people
  • I Timothy 6:10,17
  • They see the need for other family members to learn how to earn the money you wish to have and know how valuable it is.

  B) Causing the family to not like gifts to others

  • We should not be partial in our giving. Meaning this… don’t give nice gifts to family only and then cheap gifts to a brother in Christ. Be equal.
  • An amount should be agreed upon by all.

  C) Listening to non-Bible money counsel

  • Givers have the ability to make money and give it away.
  • Because of this they attract non saved people and their counsel.
  • That is why it is important that you be grounded in God’s word and know His ways.

  D) Putting pressure on those who have less to give.

  • Givers have the gift of motivating others to give.
  • Sometimes this is bad because some cannot afford to give to others. Methods used many times are fund raisers.
  • Never pressure or force someone to give.

   E) Failing to recognize God’s leadership for giving a gift.

  • First of all… It is God who gives Christians the power to get wealth.
  • Deuteronomy 8:18
  • It is also God who will let the giver know when to give, and how much to give.
  • If givers do not give and are disobedient to God’s telling them, Satan has already take up home in their hearts and controls their finances.

   F) Judging those who mis-use finances rather than help them

  • Givers are alert to people who are mis-using their finances.
  • Instead of condemning people for their actions we need to be encouraging them and give them good advice.

  G) Controlling people or ministries by gifts.

  • In an attempt to make sure their gifts are used wisely…They may personally sponsor a project or buy things that are not even a ministry of the local church.
  • Some Christians also will withhold their finances (Tithes or offerings ) for selfish reasons.

  H) Corrupting people by giving them too much

  • This risk happens when the receiver looks to the giver and not to God.
  • We need to be careful in giving people too much money.

  I) Investing in projects that do not benefit others.

  • Sometimes a giver may get more involved with projects rather than focus on the needs of one.