Gifts at a glance

“Spiritual Gifts At A Glance”

Ministry (Helper, a servant)

“ Timothy”

Things required in this gift:

  1. I am able to see when people are in need of something.
  2. I enjoy helping them get what they need.
  3. I enjoy helping others in the church working.
  4. I many times ignore my personal health and pains.
  5. I do not like to tell people “No”
  6. I really think it is important for people to say “thank you.”
  7. I must be around others because I really don’t like being alone.
  8. I like small projects or jobs, and I don’t like big projects or jobs.
  9. I many times do not feel that I am smart enough to do a job.

Wrong things to do with this gift:

  1. Do not find time to help at home, but find time to help others.
  2. Take on more than one job at a time.
  3. Wear yourself out physically and mentally while helping others.
  4. Forcing your help on others.
  5. Not obeying laws because you want to see something done.
  6. Don’t allow others to help…selfishness.
  7. Helping others that God may be punishing to them.


Giveth  (giving)


Things required in this gift:

  1. Almost all my decisions are wise ones
  2. I like to give gifts and do things for others …quietly (without anyone knowing)
  3. I give according to what the Holy spirit leads me to give.
  4. I like to give expensive gifts.
  5. I know when people are “faithful.”
  6. I know a “smart person” when I see them.
  7. I am careful with spending of money.
  8. I know what others do with their money.
  9. I know when a person needs money, but others do not know.
  10. When I give money, it helps others to want to give.

Wrong things to do with this gift:

  1. Not give much to your own family that has needs.
  2. Giving nice things to others and give family not as nice things.
  3. Honor advice you find in a worldly book or a worldly leader more than the bible or your pastor.
  4. Put pressure on people that give less than you do.
  5. Leaving God out of the giving by saying to someone… “I just felt that I should give you something” when you should say… “ God touched my heart and led me to give to you today.”
  6. Criticize others that do not spend their money right.
  7. Not help those who are foolish with their money.
  8. Controlling people with your gift of giving.
  9. Spoiling people by giving to much to them all the time.
  10. Put a lot of time and money into something that is just for fun.


Ruleth (lead, stand before people)


Things required in this gift:

  1. I am able to know what something is going to look like before it is finished.
  2. I am able to take a big job and make it small and easy to work on.
  3. I am able to know exactly what it takes to do any job that I am placed on.
  4. I am able to focus on my work and do not get distracted by others.
  5. I am patient with others that are not as good as I am.
  6. I need people that work with me to be faithful and confident.
  7. I know how to choose the right person for the right job.
  8. I am able to help people enjoy working for me.
  9. I am very happy when I finish a job.

Wrong things to do with this gift:

  1. Treat those working with you like slaves not family.
  2. Have people help you with personal things all the time.
  3. Love “favorite person” more because they are faithful.
  4. Be in control of projects that are not led of God.
  5. Choosing too much work for others to do.
  6. Let hardened criminals work with church members.
  7. Not pay attention to other people’s questions or offers.
  8. Not say “thank you” or blessing others for their hard work.

 Prophecy (Speaker for God, future telling)


Things required in this gift:

  1. I need to say what I am thinking, and tell others exactly how I feel.
  2. I am able to make quick decisions.
  3. I know when things are not what they seem to be. I know a “phony person”
  4. I refuse to help anyone who offends my friends or hurts them.
  5. I always let others know about my health, or wrong doings, or mistakes.
  6. I tell people the truth, even if it hurts their feelings.
  7. When I do something,  I put my whole heart and soul into it.
  8. I am the first to speak up.
  9. I also let others know if I am 100% approve, or not approve.
  10. I am willing to suffer to do what is right.
  11. I can easily encourage others to know what is right or what is wrong.

Wrong things to do with this gift:

  1. Correcting people who are not your responsibility.
  2. Immediately say something to someone before you know the truth.
  3. To say… “You’re guilty” without knowing the facts first.
  4. Point out other people’s faults and make them feel guilty, rather than help them overcome their faults.
  5. Ignoring people who have failed you before.
  6. Focus on the negative.
  7. Not being cautious.
  8. Expect someone to change their ways immediately.
  9. Blame yourself whenever something bad happens.
  10. Always point out the faults of others and never point to their good qualities.


Exhorteth (Advise, to warn)


Things required in this gift:

  1. I Like to encourage others to Grow spiritually.
  2. I Like to check up on others to see if they are growing.
  3. I like to be exact in showing others how to grow (giving Bible references).
  4. I am determined to tell the truth and show the truth.
  5. I have the ability to see when people are growing.
  6. I believe it is better for me to deal with people, and discuss things face to face.
  7. It does not bother me to use my own experiences, and problems to help others grow.

Wrong things to do with this gift:

  1. Getting people excited too early.
  2. Always taking “family time” to help others.
  3. Treating family and friends as projects or a job.
  4. Telling private things without permission.
  5. Starting new projects without finishing old ones.
  6. Telling others that they can depend on you rather than God.
  7. Depend on the changes of a person on the outside and not seeing their heart.
  8. Ignoring basic bible doctrines.
  9. Exhorting someone when you really don’t know the person or their problem.


Teacheth (teaching)


Things required in this gift:

  1. I need to make sure what others tell me are true.
  2. I need to make sure that new things I hear about are true.
  3. I need to show others that what I am teaching or saying is true.
  4. I believe that I need to show the correct order in everything.
  5. I believe in reporting the facts.
  6. I can tell or know when something is fake or true.
  7. I am a hard worker that doesn’t quit until the job is finished.

Wrong things to do with this gift:

  1. Being proud of your knowledge.
  2. Don’t except knowledge given from people who are not educated.
  3. Always doubting other teachers word.
  4. Criticizing good teaching because of a few mistakes the speaker has made.
  5. Depending entirely on others teaching rather than the Holy Spirit.
  6. Giving false information.
  7. Giving too many details in your teaching.
  8. Using only the books in your personal library.


Mercy (compassion, pity on others)


Things required in this gift:

  1. I know “true love” when I see it.
  2. I need deep relationships with others.
  3. I many times get upset when my friends are rejected by others.
  4. I believe it is more important the others have joy and peace in their hearts than see that their physical needs are met.
  5. It seems to me that people with mental or emotional problems are attracted to me.
  6. I feel it is necessary for others to get close to me.
  7. I feel it is necessary to remove the hurt from other people.
  8. I stay away from making decisions unless it it going to hurt some one.
  9. I am attracted to those have the gift of prophecy.

Wrong things to do with this gift;

  1. Fail to make decisions when necessary.
  2. Protecting others that have been hurt by God’s punishment.
  3. Making a decision with how you feel rather than making a decision on facts.
  4. Having not right feelings with opposite sex.
  5. Trying to help others that are being punished by God.
  6. Feeling sorry for those who ignore the laws of God.
  7. Making friends with those who always want to be close to you.