Hell, Is It Real?


Luke 16:19-22


  A) Jesus spoke more on hell than Heaven

  • Verses on Heaven- In Matthew, 7 verses; In Mark, 2 verses; In Luke, 6 verses; In John, 15 verses; totaling 30 verses altogether.
  • Verses on Hell- In Matthew, 19 verses; Mark, 14 verses; In John, 10 verses; totaling altogether 43 verses.

  B) Hell is treated lightly on earth

  • People today think that it is no big deal to go to hell.
  • People think that hell is where their friends will be …having parties
  • The Bible tells us that this is not true.


I. The Two Men

  A) There is no record of this rich man’s name

  • It was not written in the Lamb’s book of life.
  • His name was not important to God because he thought not of God first.
  • This man was put in God’s word as an “example” to us.

  B) Two things we know for certain about this rich man

  • Number one- “…was clothed in purple and fine linen,” Purple was the most expensive cloth you could buy or own. We know that he dressed the best.
  • Number two- “…and fared sumptuously every day:” This verse simply means that he ate the best foods, went to the best places, and did everything that his money could do for him.
  • In other words… this man had everything a man could want.

  C) Lazarus

  • Now we read in verses 20 and 21 here is the story of Lazarus.
  • He was a
  • The original word does not mean beggar, but simply that he was poor.
  • Named Lazarus- The word Lazarus is Hebrew, and means a man destitute of help, a needy, poor man. It is a name given to those of a needy condition.
  • Laid at his gate- At the door of the rich man, in order that he might obtain aid.
  • Full of sores- Covered with ulcers; afflicted not only with poverty, but with loathsome and offensive ulcers. He could not go to the doctors for help. Could not afford to eat a healthy diet.
  • Read verse 22… They both died
  • Lazarus was carried by angels (ministers of God) into heaven.
  • The rich man was buried.

II. Where did this rich man go?

  A) He went to hell

  • Read verses 22, 23
  • He was in torments. This means he was in pain and suffering.
  • He could also see heaven and the things going on there as he saw Abraham and the beggar.

  B) The rich man becomes a beggar

  • Read verses 24-31Now the rich man is begging for two things…
  1. verse 24He was begging for God to have mercy on him. God has mercy on us now, but after death there is no mercy.
  2. He was begging for God to give him a drink of water. Christ was the living water for us upon the earth and for those that reject him…will die of thirst.
  3. He was begging for God to send Lazarus to warn his family of this terrible place called hell.
  • But God knows that some people will not listen to the bible, the preachers, the missionaries, nor did they listen to Jesus, so why would they listen to Lazarus (a dead relative.


III. What is Hell?

   A) Described by many

  1. DarknessMatthew 8:12outer darkness:
  2. Weeping- there shall be weeping
  3. Severe painand gnashing of teeth.
  4. WailingMatthew 13:50… And shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.
  5. An unquenchable fireMark 9:43 ... go into hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched: “Unquenchable fire” means… A fire that cannot be put out.
  6. Sorrow– II Samuel 22:6 …The sorrows of hell
  7. DeepJob 11:8… deeper than hell;
  1. Bottomless pit Revelations 9:2… And he opened the bottomless pit; This means that you will be falling and never land on the ground.
  2. Smoke – “…and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.”
  3. No trinityThere will be no God to worship, or no Holy Spirit to convict you, and No Jesus to save you.


               Can you imagine enjoying a place called Hell?