The Acts of the Apostles

Ch. 1 Introduction to Acts

Ch. 2 The Day of Pentecost Fully Come

Ch. 3 The Power Witnessed

Ch. 4 The Trouble with Preachers

Ch. 5 A Lesson on Lying

Ch. 6 Getting Sidetracked

Ch. 7  Man of God Allowed to Speak

Ch. 8 Church Planting

Ch. 9 The Dark Knight is Converted

Ch. 10 The Gentiles Can Be Saved

Ch. 11 Shutting Up The Naysayers

Ch. 12 A Wicked Leader Brings Death

Ch. 13 The Dynamic Duo

Ch. 14 Preaching Has It’s Costs

Ch. 15 There Will Always Be Nitpickers

Ch. 16 A Welcomed Addition

Ch. 17 Like Talking To A Brick Wall

Ch. 18 Acceptance and Rejection