The Song Of Songs

“ The Song of Songs  ”

 Song of Solomon 1:1-3


I. The Bride’s love to her Husband

  A) Kisses of his mouth

  • Note in verse 3
  • Ladies, your mouths should be something your husband will want to kiss.
  • Not an ash tray, not with the slobber of another man, not of deceit.
  • .. the same is for you!

  B) Thy love is better than wine

  • Why “better than wine?”
  • Wine tastes better the longer you keep it.
  • Love towards your husband/wife should grow bigger the longer you are married.

  C) Thy name is an ointment poured forth

  • Our name should be a good name.
  • A name that when it is “poured forth” (told to others) it will smell good.
  • In other words… when someone talks about you they will not have anything bad to say about you. It will be all good things.

  D) Draw me

  • Read verse 4… Draw me…. Let me have the full assurance of thy affection.
  • To “draw” someone, means to pull them close to you.
  • True love will create a desire to be close to your sweetheart

  E) The other side to this story

  • These are also talking about Jesus and His church.
  • As you know “the bride” is often referred to as the church.
  • The groom is “Jesus.”
  • The bride (church) is awaiting to be married to the groom. (When Christ comes to rapture the church. )
  • The bride (Church,which is it’s members) should not be found doing things to not please Him.

II. The Bridegroom Describes His Bride

  A) If you know not

  • Read verses 8-10…Women and men who do not know the answers of how to live righteously should consult the shepherds… The pastors.
  • If the pastor does not know then he needs to lead them to someone who does.

  B) I have compared thee

  • “with a company of horses” Who would compare their wives to a group of horses?
  • What is meant here is simple… a company of horses only means the Egyptian horses which are beautiful and strong.

  C) Thy cheeks

  • Note verse 10… Thy cheeks are comely with rows of jewels, She wore jewelry that glowed upon her cheeks.

  D) Dove’s eyes

  • doves’ eyes--large and beautiful in the doves of Syria.

  E) Describing our spouse

  • We should be as Isaiah 62:5… and as the bridegroom rejoiceth over the bride, so shall thy God rejoice over thee.


III. He Brought Me To The Banqueting House

  A) His banner

  • Look at chapter 2:4…
  • “His banner over me;” The church is compared to an army.
  • And the love of Christ… is the banner under which she (the church) marches.

  B) The Banqueting House

  • This is heaven!
  • When the church and Christ are united in the marriage (The rapture) we will be going to the banqueting house (Heaven)
  • Revelation 19:7… Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.
  • We as the church should be ready for our groom (Jesus) when He comes!