General Sermons


Baptists differ From Protestants

Being A Servant


Bible Signs of the End Times 

Cost of Being Christ’s Disciple, The

Cremation, Good or Bad?

Domestic Violence In the Bible


Do You Know My Jesus?

Fault lines in America


Get up off Your Face

God and Jesus In Us

God and LGBT

God and the Adulterer

Honor the Office

In His Name the Gentiles Trust

Jesus Commands Us To Be Clean

Judging Yourself

Light and Opportunity

“Love” Chapter, The 

Many Names of Believers

Mysterious Jesus, The

Never Getting Ahead

Off To A Good Start

Our Government, A Minister of God

Preciousness of Christ, The

Remembering Those Asleep

Soul Winning, Learn How

Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual Growth

Stealing from God

Testimony of A Lame Man, The

Why Does a Preacher Preach?

9/11 What Have We Learned

Will Fido and Fi-Fi Go To Heaven

Winning and Loosing the Super Bowl